Don’t Make These Suit Mistakes!

Suits can be used for multiple occasions; therefore they’re one of the most stylish fashion statements worn by men. Unfortunately, many men are not aware of the fact that a lot goes into wearing a suit. Simply throwing on a suit and going out the door is not an option. To avoid fashion failure, men can follow some very basic suit fashion guidelines.

3 Day Suit Broker has outlined all the possible mistakes men are making when wearing their suits. Check them out below:

Allowing an undershirt to show 


If you’re letting your undershirt poke through your dress shirt, let us tell you that you’re going to look very sloppy. Crewneck T-shirts are meant to be worn alone on a casual day. But if you must wear an undershirt, opt in for a V-neck – this way no one can see it.

Forgetting to hem or tailor your jacket sleeves

sleeve length

There’s no such thing as buying a suit and having it fit perfectly. Since everyone has a different body type, getting to a tailor is important. Your sleeves should lie ½ inch above your shirt sleeves – they should never be too-long or too short.

Long jackets

jacket length

Your jacket should never go past your fingertips. If it does, you’ll end up looking very frumpy.

Pants that are too long 


Beware of pants that are too long! Your pants should stop comfortably at your shoes. If they’re above or fall way below you’re shoes, you have a huge problem. You should also stay away from the baggy look – baggy suit pants are far from attractive.

Big shirts 

bad shirt fit

A lot of men buy shirts that are way too big. There are a few details that must be followed when purchasing a shirt. 1. If you can fit more than one finger between the collar and your neck, it’s too big. 2. Always buy a slim-cut shirt. 3. Never buy a shirt that bunches at the sides.

Stay away from black suits 

Black suits should only be worn to funerals or weddings. The last thing you want to do is wear a black suit for an everyday occasion.

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