Tired Of Ironing Your Shirt? Try This!

Ironing your shirt can feel like such a drag. It not only takes more time out of your busy schedule, but it’s also not something that’s high on the entertainment list.

What if we told you that you might never have to touch an iron again? Leslie Reichert, author of The Joy of Green Cleaning has a very cool trick that you’ll probably use forever!

Just Throw Your Shirt In The Dryer 

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Ok, now you may have heard that throwing your clothes in the dryer will get them to be wrinkle-free, but there’s way more to this trick.

Reichert suggests soaking a bath towel in water, ringing it out, and throwing it in the dryer with your crinkled clothes for 10 minutes.

Leslie says:

“The water in the towel turns to steam, and that moisture—combined with the tumbling—pulls the wrinkles out of your clothes. The hotter the temperature, the faster those creases will disappear. And the fewer items you place in the dryer, the faster and more efficient the smoothing.”

While this method is great for shirts, you will have to modify it for more delicate items. If you’re looking to get the wrinkles out of your blazer, you can use a smaller towel, put the heat setting on medium, and run the dryer for only 5 minutes.

What If You Don’t Have A Dryer? 

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The towel and dryer method can obviously be really difficult if you don’t own a dryer. This is why there are options!

To get the wrinkles out of your clothes, you can hang them in a steam-filled bathroom for 5-10 minutes. The cool thing about this method is that your clothes can hang in the bathroom while you’re taking a shower; which means you’re killing two birds with one stone.

After your clothes absorb the moisture and are a bit damp, rub them against a flat surface to get the wrinkles out.

The only downfall about this process is that it’s not fast. You will have to wait 30 minutes until your clothes dry. If you put your clothes on immediately, they’ll end up creasing.

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