How Should a Suit Fit?

Finding the best fit for a suit is no easy task. With all the different factors to consider, many people do not know what to look for when trying on new suits. Between sleeve length and collar height, the perfect suit has been perpetually elusive to a number of men. Now, with the style help guides and fashion tips, men’s suits can be easily chosen by following a few simple rules. Looking at a man standing up straight, here are three guidelines to consult if there are ever any questions about the way a suit should fit.

The Neck and Shoulders

To make sure the suit that has been chosen measures up to fashion standards, the first thing to consider is the collar of the jacket. The fabric at the neck should be folded down, so it lays flat against the collar of the shirt that is worn underneath while that shirt lays flat against the back of the neck. When going to the shoulders look out for any bunched up fabric or extra space in the jacket. The seam where the shoulders meet the sleeve should lie flat and should not extend past the bone. This will give a clean look that is classy and sophisticated for any event.

The Midsection

The buttons of a jacket can be tricky. If the jacket is too tight, the fabric will form an unappealing “X” in the front. On the other hand, if the jacket is too big, there will be too much space between the jacket and the shirt underneath making it look sloppy. A good way to tell if a suit is perfectly tailored is to turn and look from the side. The jacket should gently hug the curve in a person’s back while still making sure there is no tugging of the fabric in the front. When standing up straight, the sleeve length is imperative for the perfect look. A good rule of thumb is to lower arms to make sure the length of the jacket leaves about half an inch of the undershirt showing. A well-tailored suit will always feel comfortable and make any man more confident.

The Pants

The two most important aspects to look for in suit pants are the seat and the hem. Like the back of the jacket, the seat of the pants should gently hug any curves, without appearing too tight. It is good to avoid any wrinkling and gaps in the fabric which will make the pants appear too big. Going down the leg to the hem, the pants should stop right about the shoe showing a minimal amount of sock. Extra fabric that drapes over shoes will look as though there was nothing available in the correct size while pants that are cut too high will make others wonder if there’s going to be a flood. Correctly fitted suit pants are a compliment to any suit that will have a man turning heads.

A perfect suit may be hard to find, but the search is always worth the result. Always remember that a good tailor can adjust a suit to meet a person’s exact dimensions, however, it is always much easier to take something in than it is to let it out. Clean lines and a comfortable fit will not only look good to others but will also improve poise and stature of any man. By following a few simple rules, an impeccable suit is well within reach.

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